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COVID-19 Second Wave Emergency Response for Children and their Families of Lalitpur and Kavrepalanchowk District in Nepal

FADV contributed to strengthening the existing health systems, through this initiative, during the second wave of COVID-19 spread and protecting [...]

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Sustaining Lives: A COVID-19 Response Initiative, Phase II, focused on resuming Education of Children

The second phase of the COVID-19 Response was planned due to the extended lockdown, which focused on resuming education through [...]

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Emergency Response Initiative for Amphan Affected Population to ensure Livelihood Recovery and Shelter Reconstruction

The Super Cyclonic Storm AMPHAN had hit the coastal areas of West Bengal on 20th May 2020 evening with a [...]

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Covid-19 Emergency Response for Children and their Families in Rohingya camp, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh

Maintaining physical distance inside the Rohingya camps is difficult due to overcrowding. More than 10 people live inside a small [...]

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Sustaining Lives: An Emergency Response Initiative to Ensure Essential Commodities among 3298 Affected Families during COVID-19 Outbreak in West Bengal and Assam

When everyone around the world were trying to accept and conform to the “new normal”, people in the project locations [...]

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