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Covid-19 Emergency Response for Children and their Families in Rohingya camp, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh

Maintaining physical distance inside the Rohingya camps is difficult due to overcrowding. More than 10 people live inside a small [...]

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Sustaining Lives: An Emergency Response Initiative to Ensure Essential Commodities among 3298 Affected Families during COVID-19 Outbreak in West Bengal and Assam

When everyone around the world were trying to accept and conform to the “new normal”, people in the project locations [...]

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Rezwan is hopeful for having better agricultural production in coastal remote area affected by frequent natural calamities

Rezwan Seikh aged 57 years, son of Abu Bakkar Seikh lives in the village: Sujan Saha, union: Islamkathi, Upazila: Tala [...]

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