Shefali is happy to supplement her family income

Livestock rearing is one of the traditional sources of livelihood for the communities in rural areas, so in Sundarban, Shefali Mondal used to have few animals and hens. But she was losing interest in the same for not receiving the desired returns from livestock rearing.

Eventually, after FADV initiated the Water for Food project she was selected as one of the beneficiaries and became the member of a Self Help Group named “Lotabitan” and received training on goat rearing.

She took a loan of Rs.3000 from the group and bought 3 goats (1 Male and 2 Females). Those goats gave birth to 3 Male goats. After 10 months, Shefali sold two goats for Rs. 4000. She invested that money in buying 4 goats. Then she repaid the loan taken from the group with interest. At present, she has 7 goats (1 Male and 6 Females).

The training on Goat rearing by the project had inculcated the interest of having a livelihood option through Animal rearing in Shefali. Now Shefali has been planning to expand her business.

Shefali says, “I am happy to be able to contribute to my family earnings. My family is very proud of me. This is not something new that I have done. Earning through animal rearing is common in our village. But many people incur a loss. I did not. Thanks to FADV for the training provided to us on goat rearing.”

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