Rama is now more confident, as she is recovering fast!

Rama Sardar, 13, who is a student of class VIII at Gobindapur Gyanada Devi Girls High School, has been reluctant to make friends at school, since childhood. The reason behind this is the fact that all her classmates used to bully her because of the fast-spreading white spots on her skin. The spots were spreading all over her body and face. Rama refused to go to school or go out to play with her friends in the village, to avoid teasing remarks from everyone. The problem was worse as she was growing up and regular absence from school would not be favorable for her.

She was then enrolled under the SAD project and during one of the health check-up camps, the doctor immediately asked the parents to take the child to a skin treatment hospital in the city. For the last 6 years, the SAD project has been supporting Rama to purchase the medicines every month. Her father works as a rickshaw puller for whom buying these medicines were too expensive.

At present, the spots have completely faded away from the face, although there are few spots on her legs, the doctor suggested that a few more years of intake of medicines will cure her completely. Rama, now, seems more confident in making friends and she feels no more depressed. Her mother, Swapna Sardar says, “Thanks a lot FADV, for the support, my child’s recovery has been possible only due to the regular support during all these years”.

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