Now Maitriyee has a savings bank account of her own

Maitriyee Mondal is very happy to supplement her family income. She says, “Thanks to FADV for starting the Water for Food Project in our village and making us a part of the Self Help Group. Now I am financially independent”.

Maitriyee resides in Kalitala village in Samshernagar Gram Panchayat in Hingalgnj Block. She is a member of the Mayarani Self Help Group (SHG). At first, she took a loan of Rs. 5000 and Rs. 15000 for the second time. With the loan amount, she started poultry and duck farming. She has been regularly depositing Rs. 30 per month in the SHG bank Account.

The training on hen and duck rearing helped her, as she came to know when to provide the vaccination and nutritious feed. She spent Rs. 2000 each for hen and duck rearing. After a few months she was able to sell the ducks and hens in the market and earned a profit of Rs. 7000. She repaid the loan of Rs. 5000 to the SHG.

She says, “I finally have a savings bank account of my own in State Bank of India, and I am saving for the future of my family.”

She again took a loan of Rs. 15000 from the SHG in order to start a grocery shop. At present, she had repaid half of the second loan amount, taken by her to the group.

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