Jayanti’s parents were finally convinced to send her to school and learning centre!

It took the teachers of the learning centre months to finally convince Jayanti’s parents to send her to school and learning centre regularly. At present Jayanti comes to the learning centre and has been regularly going to the school as well.

Jayanti stays with her parents and younger sister in Andharia village. Her father is a van puller and her mother is daily wage labour. She studies in class VII. She was very interested in studies, but she could not score good marks in the examination. She hardly got time to study as she was always engaged in household work and sibling care. This affected her studies and in turn, results very badly.

Hence, the learning centre teachers visited their house, but her parents denied sending Jayanti to the centre as there was no one to take care of the younger sister. But the teachers finally were able to mitigate the problem by admitting her sister in a (free of cost) kindergarten in the village. In the evening, Jayanti takes her sister to the learning centre with her, where both of them studies.

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