Coronavirus: Awareness On COVID-19 By Children And Teachers

During February to 15th March 2020, the children of the learning centres along with the teachers are holding community awareness sessions through rallies. All the learning centre teachers were provided and are regularly updated through Whatsapp about various preventive measures as suggested by the WHO and the Government. This information is passed on to the children and their families by the teachers. But to make the larger community aware the teachers and the children took the responsibility to spread this information to the people through rallies and meetings. The children made handwritten posters on these preventive measures and displayed them and shouted slogans on them during the rallies. They decided to hold this awareness also because they identified much lack and difference in the information spread by local quack doctors, which they eventually found out to be wrong. The wrong information is in the spread through social media as well. Hence, the children and the teachers decided to hold meetings and rallies to display proper hand washing techniques and other preventive measures and to explain to the people what COVID-19 is and how it spreads. These awareness sessions were done in 27 learning centres by a total number of 148 child leaders and 56 teachers and project team members.

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