Arpita loves going to the Activity Centre

10 years old Arpita Mondal studies in class IV at Dakhin Jogeshganj Paschim Hemnagar FP School. She has faced many problems in pursuing her studies. She says “My father works as a driver on a daily basis in the Hemnagar to Dulduli Route and my mother looks after the household activities throughout the day. There is no one in my family to help me in my studies at home.” Her family could not provide enough support for her education. Her mother says, “We are not educated to prepare her, and has no time to spend on her studies and not able to give Tuition Teacher.” On the other hand, they could not buy educational materials like copybook, pen, pencil, etc time to time for their child. Now, she is in class IV. She is a sponsored child in the SAD project run by ACID and supported by FADV. Arpita says, “The SAD project help me with my studies by providing tuition supports like- copy, pen, pencil, eraser, etc and also provide drawing book and colour pencil. I take the supplementary food and health check-up with medicines from the centre.” Her mother said if the teachers and FADV keep supporting my child this way then one day she will be able to achieve her goals in life, Arpita lastly added that she wants to become a teacher in future.

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