Drinking water and sanitation for Indian children

Drinking water and sanitation for Indian children 2019-12-08T04:19:14+05:30

Project Description

In the poorest villages of the West Bengal region in India, families live in hygienic conditions that are hazardous to children’s health L’Albero della Vita is working to build a more advanced sanitation system and, above all, to train parents on methods to safeguard their own health and their children’s.

 A three-year programme

Since 2011 in collaboration with the Indian organisation Nishta in the South 24 Parganas district, south of Kolkata, in the framework of a three-year programme. Because the health of inhabitants and their children cannot be neglected and put at risk by the lack of sanitation and the limited diffusion of basic knowledge.

An area of shacks made of mud

The South 24 Parganas district, south of Kolkata, is an extremely poor area, divided into blocks, where large families live in very small shacks made of bamboo and mud, without running water, electricity or sanitation. They are exposed to the weather and to the risk of communicable diseases and different infections. The project implements countermeasures in the district to provide the population with a healthier and less hazardous lifestyle.

In particular, the project includes:

  • setting up home-based lavatories for 350 families
  • awareness campaigns on best practices regarding healthcare and the correct use of drinking water
  • creation of a healthcare community committee

8 villages, 350 families

The project’s beneficiaries are the about 350 families’ members living in the 8 villages the district is divided into.

How you can help

Support the project now. Ensure clean drinking water to many poor children.

Project Details

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