Physiotherapy for disabled children in India

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Project Description

Being born disabled is not easy even in the West, but in a poor country it means being condemned forever to a secondary role in society. The project aims to help disabled children in 24 South Parganas, India, in a day center for children with mental and physical problems. The aim is to teach them how to take care of themselves and how to develop their skills thanks to specific exercises and physiotherapy, also helping families with psychological support and practical advice. Furthermore, for some of the children, it will be possible to access special schools. To guarantee a better future, which goes beyond disability.

Hard life for disabled in India

In the district of 24 South Parganas, south of Calcutta, the collaboration with the PUS missionary organization (Palli Unnayan Samiti Baruipur) allowed to carry out activities in favor of minors with physical and mental disabilities. 24 South Parganas is a very poor area, divided into blocks, where families live in very small shacks of bamboo and mud, without running water, electricity and toilets. Children born in poor families with mental and physical disabilities grow up without adequate hygiene and nutrition, completely excluded from education, lacking the necessary medical care. They are started to a condition of particularly serious social exclusion.

12 years of experience

Those of disabled children of 24 South Parganas are particularly difficult conditions. But L’Albero della Vita brings them the right help, better living conditions and hope for the future. This is possible also thanks to the partnership with PUS, an entity that has been managing therapeutic and rehabilitative activities for children with severe disabilities for 12 years.

Bring a smile back

Goals are to ensure decent living conditions for children with disabilities. A disabled child can regain a smile if an acceptable level of sociability is guaranteed, thanks to access to physiotherapy, counseling, education and daily learning. It is also possible to access special schools for children whose skills are raised by rehabilitation programs.

The project in detail:

• provides regular daily assistance to disabled children at the Day Center: physiotherapy and motor activities, daily skills teaching (for example, washing or dressing), education
• provides psychological support to families for them to take care of their disabled children in the best possible way
• supports the creation of a local network for disabled minors’ rights promotion within the communities they belong to

50 children to help

The project beneficiaries are 50 children with physical and mental disabilities living in blocksBaruipur and Joynagar of District 24 South Parganas, south of Calcutta.

What you can do

Support the project, give those disabled children a better life

Project Details

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